Mario Piattini aQuantum’s Chief Research Officer, have authored the article entitled “Requirements for a Robust Quantum Software Development Environment” published in the CUTTER BUSINESS TECHNOLOGY JOURNAL of the Cutter Consortium.

This article addresses the two major challenges facing quantum software developers: “First, during this period of rapid evolution and insufficient standardization, there is an understandable fear of betting on a platform or language that ends up being discontinued”, and “Second, for quantum computing to reach its potential, quantum computer scientists need to understand current software engineering principles and techniques. Otherwise, they will spend too much time reinventing the wheel”.

This article revises quantum programming languages and environments, and the impact of quantum computing platforms on quality attributes and software development activities.

The author insists on the importance of close collaboration between industry and academia to the success of quantum technology, and present aQuantum as a very successful case, which contributes to quantum literacy, provide services related to the development of quantum software solutions and the QPath platform.

Following the principles of the Talavera Manifesto, the article determines the most important “Quantum Software Development Environment Requirements”. In fact, it is essential to use quantum software engineering environments that support the entire quantum algorithm and software lifecycle to ensure the quality and productivity of quantum software projects. QPath is a case in point.

The aQuantum Team congratulates Mario for the publication of this article.

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