Mario Piattini, José Luis Hevia and Guido Peterssen, members of aQuantum, have co-authored the article entitled “QuantumPath® accelerates practical preparation of quantum software developers” published in The QPath Blog.

In this article, the authors discuss and analyze the advantages of QuantumPath® for the training and preparation of the workforce required for quantum software development, drastically reducing the learning curve and thus contributing to a rapid practical adoption of quantum software in enterprises.

This is because, among other qualities, QuantumPath® is a platform that:

  • It is truly quantum hardware agnostic, freeing developers from the need to know and apply different programming languages in their developments, as well as the technical details of the quantum platforms on which the quantum processing units will run.
  • Supports quantum software development for different technological approaches: gate-based, quantum annealing, simulators, etc.
  • Supports BizDevOps, allowing developers to work with the “business” team and thus master the problem to be implemented in less time.
  • Assures the investment in training of the quantum workforce because:
    • It is designed for the reusability of algorithm development and software solutions because of its total software portability: write once, run everywhere.
    • Its architecture is designed for future-proof quantum software development, ready by design to accompany the evolution of quantum hardware with scalable quantum circuits and annealing formulations thanks to its dynamic management of gates, variables, etc.
    • It is designed for the professional development of quantum algorithms and software for the widest possible range of applications: Chemistry, Economics, Finance, Health, Logistics, …

In fact, by simplifying the work of quantum software developers by abstracting its technical complications, QuantumPath® is an accelerator of practical quantum workforce readiness that improves developer productivity and company competitiveness in the emerging quantum software business.

You can access QuantumPath® and experiment with these solutions for developing high-quality quantum software here.

The aQuantum Team congratulates Pepe, Guido, and Mario for the publication of this article.

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