José Luis Hevia, Guido Peterssen and Mario Piattini members of aQuantum, have co-authored the article entitled “QuantumPath: A quantum software development platform” published in the Journal of Software: Practice and Experience of Wiley.

As we know, quantum computing has experienced a breakthrough. Several companies are taking up the challenge of designing and manufacturing quantum computers, and the supply of tools for quantum software development is growing all the time. This article addresses quantum software development toolkits and introduces the QuantumPath® platform.

QuantumPath® fulfils several important principles such as: agnosticism, extensibility, integration, independency, optimisation, scalability, security, usability and software engineering support. This article presents both the architecture itself as well as the main tools that compose QuantumPath®, in order to illustrate the support which platform provides to the development and execution of quantum software.

You can access QuantumPath®, the first quantum software development platform for the hybrid solutions ecosystem, through four types of subscriptions online, including a free one: QPath® Free Developer.

The aQuantum Team congratulates Pepe, Guido and Mario for the publication of this article.

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