Antonio García de la Barrera, Macario Polo, Ignacio García y Mario Piattini members of aQuantum, have co-authored the article entitled “Quantum Software Testing – state of the art” published in the Journal of Software: Evolution and Process of Wiley.

As we know, quantum computational capacity is growing faster than the quantum software engineering knowledge required to avoid a new (quantum) software crisis. Since quantum software testing is an open research issue, in this paper we present a detailed view of the current state of the art, considering the lack of techniques and tools based on quantum software engineering.

The QuantumPath® platform will provide support for quantum software testing. You can access QuantumPath®, the first quantum software development platform for the hybrid solutions ecosystem, through four types of subscriptions online, including a free one: QPath® Free Developer.

The aQuantum Team congratulates Antonio, Macario, Nacho and Mario for the publication of this article.

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