Jose Luis Hevia, Mario Piattini and Guido Peterssen  members of aQuantum, with the collaboration of Christof Ebert have co-authored the article entitled “Quantum Computing” published in the Issue 5,  Vol. 38, September-October 2021 of IEEE Software.

This article discusses the main quantum software development platforms, both proprietary quantum computer manufacturers and third party (more “agnostic”), as well as the challenges of using quantum software:

    • D-Wave Leap–Ocean
    • Fujitsu Quantum Inspired Services
    • Google Cirq
    • IBM Quantum Experience and Qiskit
    • Microsoft Azure QDK and Q#
    • Rigetti Forest
    • Xanadu–Strawberry Fields and Penny Lane
    • Orquestra
    • Quantum Inspire
    • QuantumPath
    • Quantum Programming Studio
    • Strangeworks QC

The authors conclude that while the capabilities of theses platforms are good, it is necessary to invest time and effort in investigating how to fit them into a complete rigorous software lifecycle, to improve the productivity and assure quality quantum software development.

In this article also the QHealth project is introduced as a real case hybrid quantum system combining healthcare applications and data analytics with quantum computing.

You can learn more about the features of QPath® through the platform demos here 

The aQuantum Team congratulates Pepe, Guido and Mario for the publication of this article.

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