Guido Peterssen, Mario Piattini y José Luis Hevia, members of aQuantum, have published in The QPath Blog the article “Some reflections on professional quantum/classical software development”.

In the article the authors share with readers, on the occasion of today’s World Quantum Day, their thoughts on professional quantum/classical software development from the perspective of more than five years of R&D in Quantum Software Engineering and Programming to create professional tools and services for industry-ready quantum/classical software development.

The reflections on quantum/classical software development are made through the exposition of a set of tools, processes, tasks, etc., that make possible that the magic of hybridizing both computing worlds can be used in a practical and routine way by the industry.

In the article, the authors also explain how complex and laborious it is to get an algorithm or experiment, however simple it may be, to work properly in its hybrid and practical application in the real world. But, based on their scientific and theoretical experience, and on the practical results that they have embodied in technologies and tools designed to simplify and facilitate the development of quantum software, they convey the positive message that, equipped with robust knowledge, working with strong polymath teams and having the right tools, methods, procedures, sooner rather than later developing industry-ready quantum/classical software professionally will be no more complex than developing high quality classical software professionally.

The aQuantum Team congratulates Guido, Mario and Pepe for the publication of this article.

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