Jose Luis Hevia, Ezequiel Murina, Mario Piattini and Guido Peterssen  members of aQuantum, have co-authored the article entitled “A new path to create solutions for Quantum Annealing problems” published in the Nº 3, Vol. 11, September 2021 of the Journal of Quantum Information Science of Scientific Research Publishing.

As we know, quantum annealing is one of the most promising in the short term. However, software development platforms do not offer user-friendly interfaces for the definition of annealing problems. This paper presents a solution to this problem: QPath Annealer Compositor that facilitates the definition and execution of annealing algorithms in either quantum annealing or digital annealing computers. An example based on nurse work schedule is used for illustrating this special interface.

QuantumPath® support different types of quantum hardware: gate-based, quantum annealing, simulators, etc. QPath Annealer Compositor is part of Q assets compositor™, a set of tools of QPath® for the visual design of algorithms and quantum Apps in real-world architecture:

    • Quantum Gates editor
    • Annealing compositor
    • DirectCode editor

You can learn more about the proposal of the annealer compositor by QPath® on The QuantumPath Blog.

The aQuantum Team congratulates Pepe, Ezequiel, Mario and Guido for the publication of this article.

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