Alhambra-Eidos begins the commercialization of the first practical result of the R+D+i aQuantum.

Consolidating the union of R+D+i, technical production and training in Alhambra-Eidos, its commercial brand M2i launched the first private business course in Europe on programming based on quantum commercial software: Quantum Programming Fundamentals.

The characteristics of the course can be consulted on the M2i Training portal:

This course, based on the knowledge acquired in the research tasks of aQuantum, and in particular in the experience of the internal training that was developed within the research team, has been adapted by José Luis Hevia, Software Architect of Alhambra- Eidos and Quantum Technology Team Leader, to be able to be taught to any development professional who is interested in learning the basics of quantum development or who simply wants to understand where this new computing paradigm is going, which we hear about every time more repeatedly in the media and social networks.

About the training we can have more information in this article that has an impact on it:

You can also hear about the experience in words of one of the attendees:

As a curious fact, in the same week that the first edition of the Alhambra / M2i course was being taught, the self-assisted and multimedia courses on quantum computing from Microsoft and Alphabet in Brilliant were made public. As is known, these two technology giants are among the world leaders in quantum computing research. And when two giants, that usually advance so fast, arrive a little later than you to a goal, such as launching a course on this knowledge, you are probably doing things in the right way.