Mario Piattini, Guido Peterssen and Ricardo Pérez-Castillo, three members of the aQuantum team, have published a new scientific paper, added to the aquantum resources. The document was published in July 2020 and titled “Quantum Computing: A New Software Engineering Golden Age“.

Within this paper, aQuantum team members focus on the new situation of computing and software engineering caused by new quantum technologies. We can find an analysis of the current and future situation of quantum computing, the first indications of Quantum Software Engineering and the principles proposed for this Quantum Software Engineering. This last point refers directly to the Talavera Manifesto on Quantum Software Engineering and Programming, which you can find here.

We recommend that you read this interesting document in its entirety, you can access it by clicking here.


Finally, the entire aQuantum team would like to congratulate Mario, Guido and Ricardo for this achievement, which allows aQuantum and the research community to advance in these complex fields.