Within the already long journey of aQuantum, specialized in quantum software engineering and programming,  we have created a series of lines of research, such as:

  • Hybrid Classical-Quantum Computing
  • Software Quality
  • Governance and Management
  • Development Tools
  • Machine learning
  • Infraestructure

In our activity we have been creating, and continue to create, a great deal of knowledge, which allows us to advance and grow the team, and this is not something banal. In the end, the strength of a team depends on its researchers and their knowledge. Getting people to have the correct skills and competencies is not easy, especially around quantum technologies.

Working we have verified this is a difficulty that not only we have had, but that everyone in this field had and, in the future, all the organizations trying to work with quantum technologies will have. Concepts needing a change of thinking, algorithmics, organization and many more elements, for which most organizations are not prepared.

For all this, within aQuantum, we have concluded its critical to open a new line of research:

  • Quantum Software Workforce

This new line focuses research and development on the competences and training for the workforce in Quantum Software Engineering and Programming.

We research and work to refine what knowledge, skills and competencies will be required to know for each role, how to take advantage of current skills and get to integrate quantum software engineering and programming within the capabilities of the organizations workforce. This line of research will be a turning point in all organizations that want to not fall behind in future software.