Our colleague Ricardo Pérez-Castillo will be one of the lecturers in the Spanish summer school Quantum Computing: present and future. A multidisciplinar viewpoint organized by University of Leon.

Ricardo’s presentation is entitled “Quantum Software Engineering: Toward modernizing classical-quantum software” and will address some of the research topics of aQuantum according to the Talavera Manifesto and some important concerns like the modernization of hybrid software as supported by one of the cutting-edge functionalities of the quantum software platform QPath®.

Quantum literacy, a process in which many countries of the world are currently involved, requires strategic programs and creative action plans to revert the situation as soon as possible and thus accelerate the increase in the workforce demanded by the emerging quantum industry.

In this context, training of engineers and quantum programmers must be urgently approached by manufacturers, universities, and technical teaching to provide the quantum labor market with the essential qualified workforce. University summer schools specialized in quantum computing are an excellent practical contribution to this process and therefore aQuantum actively participates in this type of training activities.

Organized by the School of Industrial, Informatics and Aerospace Engineering of the University of León, this summer school will be held in a blended format on July 7 and 8, 2021.

You can find out the details of the program and information about the inscriptions to the summer school here.