Our colleague Mario Piattini, Chief Research Officer (CRO) of aQuantum and Leader of the Alarcos Research GroupUniversity of Castilla-La Mancha, is the 8th Best Computer Science Scientist in Spain, according to the 9th edition of Research.com.

Our colleagues, Coral Calero, aQuantum Green Quantum Algorithms & Software Leader,  and Félix García, aQuantum Green Quantum Algorithms & Software Senior Researcher, are also in very relevant positions in the same ranking.

This edition of Research.com ranking of the best researchers in the arena of Computer Science is based on data consolidated from various data sources including OpenAlex and CrossRef. The bibliometric data for evaluating the citation-based metrics were gathered on 21-12-2022. Position in the ranking is based on a researcher’s D-index (Discipline H-index), which includes exclusively publications and citation data for an examined discipline.

The aQuantum Team congratulates Mario, Coral and Felix for their excellent positions in the Research.com ranking both Worldwide and in Spain, and for the continuous contribution  to the dissemination of Quantum Software Engineering.