aQuantum, a research, development, consulting and services group in the fields of quantum software engineering and programming conformed by Alhambra y Grupo Alarcos (University of Castilla-La Mancha, Spain).

Within Alhambra there are several companies and organizations, one of them being M2i Formacion. This is a company within the Alhambra Group focused on face-to-face, remote and online training of the group; specialized in various areas such as technical training, management or security.

Being part of Alhambra, it was therefore the most natural thing for us letting M2i Formacion be in charge of teaching the quantum programming courses created within the aQuantum environment, since aQuantum is not a training organization, but a research, development, consulting and services group.

We believe that this decision was not only the most natural, but also the correct one and therefore M2i Formacion will be the place where aQuantum will channel any training course or activity related to its activities in the future.