Jose L Hevia, aQuantum CTO, had the opportunity to attend the radio program “todo al verde” of Spanish radio channel “radio intereconomía” on February 03, 2023.

Todo al verde” (all to green) is the space dedicated to the environment in the magazine “Antes de que amanezca“, which covers all kinds of news related to the environment and technology.

Throughout the program, interesting topics related to quantum computing and its impact as a technology with the environment were discussed. The impact of R&D areas such as the one aQuantum has for the development of sustainable software was one of the topics discussed.

During the program, Pepe Hevia explained the importance of developing quantum software taking into account its environmental dimension in order to make it sustainable. To advance in this task, Pepe highlighted that last year aQuantum created the R&D line “Green Quantum Algorithms & Software“, and this year has created the Quantum Lab “Sustainable Software“. Both initiatives are led by Ph.D. Coral Calero.

You can listen to the full program and Pepe Hevia’s speeches here.

We thank Gabriel Martinez for his invitation to the program and for making it so enjoyable and informative.