aQuantum continues to enrich its polymath team for the development of quantum software, this time with the incorporation of Laura Martínez Gallego, Mathematician with competences in software development and Data Science. With Laura’s incorporation to the Quantum Algorithms & Hybrid Software Development line, the team reaches 31 members, 26% of which are women.

Hiring scientists and engineers to work in quantum computing today remains a complex task, very complex indeed, given the chronic shortage of available quantum workforce. This is a direct consequence of the global quantum illiteracy affecting the emerging quantum industry, which seriously hampers the creation of a much-needed quantum labour market. Fortunately, there is a growing mass of people interested in working in quantum computing, but the vast majority of these candidates lack the basic knowledge and skills required to do so.

To meet our hiring needs in this context, we at aQuantum have designed a set of processes and tools (most notably QuantumPath®) to accelerate the creation of the fundamental competencies required for quantum software professional development. In this way, we also make our practical contribution to the urgent, and essential, quantum literacy.

For the successful creation of the fundamental competences in a reasonable time frame, we have designed different high-level scientific-technical trainings, which contemplate the specific needs of the essential knowledge for the development of hybrid classical/quantum software solutions by the different disciplines that integrate the team (Physicists, Mathematicians, Computer Engineers, Chemists, etc.).

Of course, we would have little chance of success with these methods and tools to accelerate the creation of quantum competencies in our team if in the selection process we did not give a special, even differential, value to candidates who share our enthusiasm for research and development of quantum software.

The aQuantum Team welcomes Laura and wishes her every success as part of aQuantum!