Our colleague Ezequiel Murina, aQuantum Algorithms Team Leader, has published in The QuantumPath Blog the article “Is quantum annealing quantum computing? The easy path of compose quantum annealing solutions”.

In this article Ezequiel introduces the reader into the discussion about considering or not quantum annealing as quantum programming. En el mismo se destacan the advantages of annealing technology as well as the tools offered by QPath®  to make things easier no matter how complex is your pairwise interaction model. The text resolves around the role of an interface and an interesting analogy between annealer devices and musical instruments that add a new point of view.

Using a refreshing style for the analysis of such a complex topic, Ezequiel articulates his exposition through a structure of the content, detailed below, that takes us by the hand in the search for the answer to the question he asks in the title of his article, Is quantum annealing quantum computing?

  • The art of programming with waves
  • The case of sound waves
  • The interface
  • What are we playing when we play an annealer?

If you want to know the answer to the question asked by Ezequiel, click here.

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