Any research team that wishes to obtain measurable results must go through a series of steps. You can know WHAT you want to do, but first you must learn HOW to do it.

The different knowledge of systems engineering and development methodologies have been continuously adapted from the origins of software creation from a more structured point of view. All this knowledge has served as an engine for the transformation and application of good practices in daily work.

Therefore, it is not a surprise that the first device that aQuantum has produced is knowledge, knowledge that conveniently structured facilitates its communication to own and third parties.

Nor is this first result fortuitous, but a consequence of the work strategy for the choice of results in our research: the production of courses in the field of software engineering and quantum programming.

The members of the original team (Guido Peterssen, Mario Piattini and Jose Luis Hevia) had acquired knowledge from the origin of the team formation that they needed to convey to the new members of the group. These fantastic professionals, led in this objective by Jose Luis, have given an internal training on the fundamentals of quantum software development.

This knowledge product, key to the advancement of the team in all phases of the research project itself, has allowed the rest of the members of aQuantum to expand their knowledge in the field of quantum development using current technologies in a short period of time, allowing the evolution of the different lines of work.

It goes without saying that we consider this training and internal knowledge as a critical artifact and a real, measurable and reproducible result that is worth expanding in the future for the team and so that everyone can approach the future software engineer and quantum development.