Our colleague Guido Peterssen, aQuantum Founder & Chief Operating Officer (COO), included in the “top 20 people who constantly push Quantum Computing on Linkedin and who are influential/perseverant with a huge academic, disseminator or technical contribution”, according to the ranking by Javier Mancilla Montero.

According to this researcher, the 20 people who are expanding the quantum computing industry and ecosystem every day, opening up relevant information to others, are:

  1. Macauley Coggins
  2. Brian Lenahan
  3. Enrique Solano
  4. Guillermo Alonso Alonso de Linaje
  5. Brian Siegelwax
  6. Kevin Corella Nieto
  7. Junye Huang
  8. Sergio Gago
  9. Guido Peterssen Nodarse
  10. Rupesh Srivastava
  11. Shlomo Kashani
  12. Jaime Gómez García
  13. Robert Sutor
  14. Carolyn Ten Holter
  15. Bruce Liu
  16. Esperanza Cuenca Gómez
  17. Bob Coecke
  18. Robert Eades
  19. Denis Mandich
  20. Zlatko Minev

Congratulations Guido for this well-deserved recognition of your hard and constant work for quantum literacy and technology dissemination .  We are proud that you received it and convinced that it, without a doubt, serves as an example and a stimulus to grow in our daily activity in aQuantum.