During the 27th and 28th of April, the Hands on Workshop “Introduction to Amazon Braket and QuantumPath®: Creating Quantum Solutions” was held presenting in detail both the Amazon Braket quantum computing service and QuantumPath®, the platform for the development and life cycle of quantum software applications.

The more than 200 people who attended to the workshop were able to see first-hand how to develop industry-ready solutions with QuantumPath® Enterprise using the quantum systems of Amazon Braket.

Juan Moreno and Nihit Pokhrel from AWS gave a wonderful introduction to Amazon Braket, and José Luis Hevia from aQuantum showed how to create complete QuantumPath® solutions whether gate-based or anealling-based. Also, José Luis Hevia presented how to prepare for enterprise solutions, using hybrid quantum-classic architectures with qSOA® (Quantum Service-Oriented Architecture).

Another relevant aspect of the workshop was the extraordinary atmosphere of interest and participation created by the audience in both sessions. We sincerely thank the attendees for making the most of this practical workshop until the last minute, to whom we remind that the platform is open for workshop participants to keep experimenting with Amazon Braket and QuantumPath® for another 24 hours.

From aQuantum , once again, we want to thank AWS, the speakers and especially the attendees for having made possible, with their active participation, the success of this intense 2-day Hands on Workshop on industry-ready quantum computing solutions with Amazon Braket and QuantumPath®.

A recording of the event will be available at https://www.aquantum.es/resources/videos/