On February 25, we held the first practical webinar on QPath, “Talking about QPath”, of the cycle “QPath: The Democratization of Quantum Computing“, to which more than 115 researchers and professionals from many countries, interested in knowing the possibilities of QPath to develop quantum algorithms & APPs .

In this webinar, José Luis Hevia, a Quantum Chief Technology Officer (CTO), presented in detail the most relevant functionalities of QPath, the quantum development & application lifecycle platform for the creation of high-quality quantum algorithms & APPs in the hybrid solutions ecosystem.

This webinar, once again, confirms the growing interest of professionals to learn more about the existing tools for the development of quantum software. We are convinced that this work of diffusion, awareness, motivation and training is critical for accelerating the adoption of quantum software and, therefore, we will continue to carry out similar actions in the future.

We want to thank the professionals for their assistance, not only for their assistance but, because thanks to the questions of many of the attendees, we can improve our research and development work applied to QPath.

The aQuantum team congratulates Pepe Hevia for his excellent presentation and also for his contribution to the dissemination of QPath, a platform that, by facilitating the development of quantum algorithms and APPs, contributes to accelerating the adoption of quantum software development for the real world.

If you were unable to attend or if you want to rewatch the webinar, you can access the full recording of the webinar here.

In the next webinars the creators of QPath will show, through practical use cases, how QPath works in the development of quantum algorithms and APPs: from its creation through its development, testing and implementation, to its deployment and reuse, and from this way we will show why QPath is an accelerator for the adoption of quantum software for companies and institutions.

The aQuantum practical webinars on QPath will continue in March and April 2021. If you want to be updated on new the next practical webinars on QPath you can get more information here