The main objective of the agreement between Gloin and Alhambra IT is to channel the collaboration between both companies in the development of solutions in the scope of Hybrid Classical-Quantum Computing, one of aQuantum’s R&D strategic lines in Quantum Software Engineering and Programming. The collaboration will address projects to develop practical quantum solutions in the health field, especially focused on aging and improving its treatments through the use of technology. With the signing of the Agreement, Gloin becomes a “Solution Partner” of aQuantum.

Gloin is a Spanish company dedicated to the analysis, design and development of business software solutions, mainly focused on improving and optimizing business processes, and facilitating the management, treatment and analysis of information. Its origins, founded at the University of Extremadura, have marked its innovative nature and linked to the academic world, in permanent contact with the state of the art in the field of Software Engineering.

Collaborating to create practical software solutions for a field such as aging using Quantum Software is a challenge that will allow us to integrate the advantages of quantum computing into practical fields. These solutions will also be classical-quantum hybrid solutions, in line with the principles promoted by the Talavera Manifesto.

We are convinced that this collaboration will not only bring great advances in Quantum Software Engineering and Programming, but also useful solutions for both organizations and society.