GLOIN (Global Process and Product Improvement) already a member of aQNetwork, becomes a member of the “QuantumPath® Solution Community”. This agreement opens up a promising horizon for collaboration between GLOIN and aQuantum.

GLOIN is a company based in Cáceres (Spain), born in 2010 within the University of Extremadura, the result of the concern of its founders to promote the transfer of academic knowledge to industry in the field of software engineering, in a quest to transfer the state of the art and the latest techniques and technological trends towards innovative solutions that solve the problems of industry in different sectors.

Since then, Gloin has specialised in the outsourcing and automation of business processes, the development of specific projects for data quality management in large volumes of information in the field of works and international copyright, as well as the development of its own lines of innovation as a result of its dedication to R&D&I activities in collaboration with various research groups at the University of Extremadura.

aQuantum, a company that provides tools for the development of quantum algorithms and apps, services and processes that enable the integration of hybrid quantum/classical information systems, intends to promote networking of centers and universities interested in quantum technology research. To this end aQuantum hosts and maintains QuantumPath® software.

The QuantumPath® Solution Partner Agreement provides organizations such as GLOIN with access to and use of QuantumPath®, the platform for the development and life cycle of quantum algorithms and software applications. To achieve the expected goals of the collaboration, aQuantum and GLOIN  will carry out several Proofs of Concept (PoC) and industrial case studies with QuantumPath®.

At aQuantum we are very excited about the start of this new collaboration with GLOIN and we are convinced that collaborating around QuantumPath® will allow us to successfully achieve our goals of applying Quantum Software Engineering and Programming to the real world.