The pillars of aQuantum were research and innovation in the field of quantum software engineering and programming. However, there are other reasons for the creation of aQuantum, being one of them that we detected the need within Europe for greater collaboration between organizations in Europe.



Quantum Flagship was founded by the European Commission in October 2018 to get more people and organizations involved in helping Europe to archieve their long-term quantum vision. The Flagship is a large research organization created to assist existing research entities and help with the creating of new ones. It is a commitment and a need for Europe with the future.

At aQuantum we share the principles and vision of Quantum Flagship and want to collaborate. Our sincere belief is that we will be able to move faster and decisively as many more existing organizations collaborate with a common and determined purpose because, precisely, collaboration and connection, in such a large and unknown world, is what can help so we do not get lost in the vastness. Just as qubits are entangled, we are all entangled in this world and our future depends on each other.

You can find us at Quantum flagship here.

In flagship you can also find events about the quantum world around the world.

Oh, You can also find us on quantiki, the portal and global wiki for everyone involved in the science of quantum information. Here.