It has been a while of research and innovation in aQuantum and it has given different fruits, of which the majority are internal. Within those, as we have already mentioned, we consider knowledge as one of the most important. That knowledge was used internally to train the aQuantum team and, also, we carried it to a course so that everyone could learn:

But as I say, the time has passed and after many readings, tests, attempts, failures and successes, we have expanded that knowledge. The different aQuantum team members have been specializing in different areas, which gave way to new lines of research as we discussed earlier

Following our current strategy, consolidate R&D and training, we highlight two technologies that seem to us the most appropriate for the current state of the quantum development situation, offering through M2i two new pioneering training courses of higher technical level for quantum development based on microsoft and IBM technologies:

Working in
research can always seem arduous and slow, but it does not mean that there is
no progress; Investigation is constancy.

In aQuantum, following this philosophy, we continue working and we would like to talk about the state of the situation.

Current research

February the group has been focused on two main lines of research:

  • Software Engineering
  • Software development cycle

there was a definition of research tasks among the different members of the
group, but, quickly, we have been able to limit many formal and specific tasks
when carrying out activities and apply them to specific fields and ideas.

This situation has led us to define a series of requirements, tasks and extra needs within current research, but it has also led to broadening the lines of research.

New lines of research

Thanks to
the constant effort and deepening of the tasks that exist until today, we have
the solid conviction that we must divide and specialize two new lines of

  • Hybrid classical-quantum computing
  • Use and improvement of artificial intelligence with quantum programming

We consider
these two areas to be highly critical due to their closest and necessary
application in time, given that there will be a time of integration and
transition that will be experienced at a technical level and will require this
expertise. This is therefore a decisive knowledge for the future of quantum
development and, ultimately, for the future of development

Microsoft QDK

Principios de programación cuántica con Microsoft QDK

IBM Quantum Experience

Principios de programación cuántica con IBM Quantum Experience & Otros SDKs


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