The 2nd Quantum Software Engineering and Technology Workshop is co-located with IEEE International Conference on Quantum Computing and Engineering (IEEE Quantum Week 2021), It will be held online on Tuesday, October 19, 2021 (Mountain Time (MDT) – UTC-6).

The QuSET program has been conformed as follows:

    • Keynote: “Quantum Service Oriented Computing. Current Landscape and Challenges”
      Juan Manuel Murillo
    • An Exploratory Study on the Challenges of Engineering Quantum Applications in the Cloud
      Daniel Vietz, Johanna Barzen, Frank Leymann, Benjamin Weder and Vladimir Yussupov
    • QuantumPath´s Annealer Compositor
      Jose Luis HeviaGuido PeterssenEzequiel MurinaAurelio Martínez and Mario Piattini
    • Cybersecurity for Quantum Computing
      Natalie Kilber
    • Engineering Reliable Hybrid Quantum Software: An Architectural-driven Approach
      Max Scheerer, Jonas Klamroth, Oliver Denninger
    • Trials and Tribulations of Developing Hybrid Quantum-Classical Microservices Systems
      Javier Rojo, Enrique Moguel, David Valencia, Javier Berrocal, Jose García-Alonso and Juan M. Murillo
    • Software Quality Issues in Quantum Information Systems
      Javier Verdugo, Moisés Rodríguez and Mario Piattini
    • Testing Quantum Programs using Q# and Microsoft Quantum Development Kit
      Mariia Mykhailova and Mathias Soeken
    • Constraints for executing quantum programs in real quantum devices
      Lorenzo Saraiva, Edward Hermann Haeusler, Vaston Costa and Marcos Kalinowski
    • Formal Quantum Software Engineering
      Carmelo R. Cartiere
    • Towards a quantum algorithm for evaluating WCETsÇ
      Gabriella Bettonte, Stéphane Louise and Renaud Sirdey

You can learn more about the program and the speakers on the website of the 2nd Quantum Software Engineering and Technology Workshop.

QuSET, organized by aQuantum and UCLM, is aimed at researchers and practitioners coming from the industry, that came up with innovative and significant advances or experiences in the field of Quantum Software Engineering and Technology; or those people that are interested on learning about this field.