As we had predicted the previous year, for aQuantum 2022 has been a year of consolidation and strategic growth of the capabilities and competences of our technical team, of a very strong research and development process that has allowed us to expand our portfolio of industry-ready quantum software products and services and, with all this, to advance in the refinement of the model of our competencies as providers of Quantum Software Engineering and Programming for the real world.

The results obtained in 2022 are excellent in themselves but, above all, because they create a very solid foundation for tackling the major challenges we have defined for 2023.

The following is a very condensed summary of the most remarkable results of the intense and creative work done by the aQuamtum Team in 2022:

To maintain the good pace of 2022, we plan for aQuantum an intense 2023 in all areas of our activity: research, quantum software development, quantum knowledge and business. Thanks to the experience accumulated during these years and the excellent aQuantum Team, we are ready to face a 2023 full of scientific and technological challenges and continue to make significant advances in the exciting work that we do in the development and deployment of our quantum software technologies and industry-ready hybrid quantum/classical software systems. As we have done so far, in 2023 we will also regularly share the results of our activity.

The aQuamtum Team wishes you a Happy Holidays and a healthy New Year 2023!