aQuantum sponsors the first edition (in Spanish) of the Course on Quantum Software Programming (“Curso Propio de Programación de Software Cuántico”) organised by the University of Castilla-La Mancha. This course will be taught 100% online, between June and October 2022 and will have a teaching load equivalent to 15 ECTS.

The main objectives of the course are to:

– Learn the fundamentals of quantum computing.

– Understand the different types of quantum systems (simulators, computers, etc.).

– Understand the different tools of a quantum environment (platforms, compilers, optimisers, etc.).

– Understand the main quantum programming languages.

– Understand the main quantum algorithms.

– Program and run quantum software for gate-based systems.

– Program and run quantum software for annealing systems.

– Use quantum software development platforms.

The course is aimed at students, teachers, researchers, and software professionals who want to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to work in this new paradigm of computing, with a practical approach aimed especially at programming quantum software, which will include videos and other reference materials as well as problem-solving classes and tutorials. In addition, the QuantumPath® software development platform will be used.

The teaching-learning process will be carried out through different tools:

– Periodic self-assessment tests per module and exercises for the student to check the evolution of their learning.

– Teaching support, tutorials for the resolution of doubts.

– Forums on the Virtual Campus to encourage collaborative learning and debate among students.

– Seminars by experts.

All this using a virtual campus and synchronous communication platforms.

The enrolment can be done through the course website (