Mario Piattini, member of aQuantum, participated in the International Seminar 2022 “The future of business in the face of Disruptive Technologies” organised by ILUM Academy, in which professionals and researchers review different technologies and how they will affect the future of business.

In his lecture entitled “Quantum Computing: the disruption in the resolution of organisational problems”, Mario reviewed the fundamental concepts of quantum computing and the work carried out at aQuantum, emphasizing the importance of a true Quantum Software Engineering as proposed in the Talavera Manifesto, and of having tools such as QuantumPath® that support the entire life cycle from the creation of the quantum algorithm to the development of the software on different platforms and its exploitation.

The aQuantum Team congratulates Mario for his participation in this international conference and, in this way, contributing to the dissemination of the importance of Quantum Software Engineering and Programming.

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