On November 4, 2020, Mario Piattini has been the inaugural Keynote Speaker the 8th International Conference in Software Engineering Research and Innovation  (CONISOFT 2020) organized by Chetumal Technological Institute and IEEE.

In his Keynote the aQuantum Scientific Leader presents the main challenges and opportunities of Quantum Software Engineering, and emphasises the necessity of produce quantum software with high quality and productivity. He also analyses the main advances in quantum software programming languages and platform, highliting the support offered by QPath in the application of software engineering techniques. The Talavera Manifesto for Quantum Software Engineering and Programming´s principles and call for action were presented. He also highlights the importance of the training of quantum software engineers to alleviate the deficit of professionals and talent in this area.

Learn more about CONISOFT 2020 here http://conisoft.org/2020/

The aQuantum Team congratulates Mario for his participation in this Conference and for his important work in the dissemination of Quantum Software Engineering and Programming.