AQCLab, the first accredited laboratory worldwide for Software Product and Data Quality Evaluation conforming to the ISO/IEC 25000 standard, specialized in monitor, improving and certifying software quality in different sectors and countries, member of aQNetwork, has become one of the first QuantumPath® Research Partners.

aQuantum, a company that provides tools for the development of quantum algorithms and apps, services and processes that enable the integration of hybrid quantum/classical information systems, intends to promote networking of centers and universities interested in quantum technology research. To this end aQuantum hosts and maintains QuantumPath® software.  The QuantumPath® Research Partner Agreement provides organizations such as AQCLab with access to and use of QuantumPath®, the platform for the development and life cycle of quantum algorithms and software applications.

aQuantum and AQCLab will collaborate for assuring and improving quantum software quality. The idea is to propose a specific quantum software quality model aligned with the general ISO/IEC standards family, considering the special nature of quantum computing. In terms of metrics, most of the research deals with the measurement of the power of quantum computing (e.g., quantum volume), but there are very few metrics conceived specifically for quantum software. It is very important to have both agnostic and technology-specific metrics to boost large-scale production of quantum software with an adequate quality level.

To achieve the expected goals of the collaboration, aQuantum and AQCLab will carry out several Proofs of Concept (PoC) and industrial case studies in this area with QuantumPath®.