Ignacio García Rodríguez, Ezequiel Murina Moreno, Giovanna Gómez Díaz and Guido Peterssen Nodarse, members of aQuantum, have participated in the lectures on “The Age of Quantum Computing” organized by the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Extremadura.

In their presentations oriented to Students, Professors and Researchers, speakers focused on sharing with the audience reflections from different perspectives on quantum computing:

  • in the scientific/academic field
  • from a Physicist’s perspective
  • from a Mathematician’s perspective
  • quantum computing and employment

In addition, in their presentations the speakers showed, from their visions and personal experiences, the importance of QuantumPath® to facilitate access to quantum software development and to increase productivity in quantum software development.

The aQuantum Team congratulates Ignacio, Ezequiel, Giovanna y Guido for the contribution to the dissemination of knowledge on Quantum Computing.

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