The AGORA UCLM meeting, was held in the Facultad de Ciencias Sociales of Talavera de la Reina, Spain, the 11th of February, sponsored by Telefónica Chair. From a technological perspective, the topic of “Quantum computing: reality or myth? was analyzed in a round table discussion in which several experts presented their different views on the subject.

The answers to the question “Quantum computing: reality or myth? were presented by:

In his presentation Guido Peterssen showed, through practical examples with QuantumPath®, how and why quantum software, as an inseparable part of quantum computing, is a reality. In his brief exposition he showed:

    • The definition and main characteristics of QuantumPath to develop high quality quantum software
    • The importance of developing quantum software applying the good practices of Talavera Manifesto
    • The kind of quantum software that can be developed today with a platform like QuantumPath
    • QuantumPath’s most important capabilities for practical quantum software development
    • The advantages offered by QuantumPath for the adoption of practical quantum computing in hybrid classical/quantum software systems
    • The aQNetwork and its contribution to quantum literacy

In this way aQuantum continues to respond to the call to action of the Talavera Manifesto, contributing to the dissemination of quantum software engineering and programming.