On November 13, 2020. Guido Peterssen, Mario Piattini and Ignacio García, COO, CRO and senior research respectively of aQuantum, attend the meeting of the Prenormative Group Quantum Technologies of UNE (Spanish Association for Standardization).

In this group, the state of the art of standardization in quantum technologies is monitored. At this time, various organizations (CEN-CENELEC FGQT, ISO / IEC JTC 1 / WG 14, ETSI ISG QKD and ITU-T FG QIT4N) are developing standards for the different technologies in this field. It is very important for assuring the progress and contribute to the disemmination of quantum technologies to define good standards in all the different areas: hardware, network, security, software, etc.

This meeting represents an important milestone in shaping the essential standardization of quantum technologies.