Alonso Martín-Toledano, member of aQuantum, participated on May 5, 2022 in the conference on Quantum Computing, organized by Nebrija University. The conference addressed the foundations of this technology, business development through real applications, and existing professional roles in quantum computing.

In his speech, Alonso explained, from his experience in aQuantum and in the M. Sc. in Quantum Computing at Nebrija University, about:

    • the current state of quantum software engineering and development
    • the steps to be followed and the search for solutions to current problems, comparing it with classic software development
    • the relevance of the quantum computing sector
    • the importance of specialization as a professional through courses or M.Sc.

In his speech, Alonso highlighted the importance of “Quantum Software Engineering” to produce quantum software with adequate quality and productivity, one of the reasons why aQuantum promoted the “Talavera Manifesto for Quantum Software Engineering and Programming“.

The aQuantum Team congratulates Alonso for his participation in this Conference and, in this way, contributing to the dissemination of the importance of Quantum Software Engineering and Programming.