Ricardo Pérez del Castillo, member of aQuantum, participated on June 16, 2022 in the IEEE CBI (24th IEEE International Conference on Business Informatics) 15 – 17 June 2022, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

The IEEE CBI series encourages a broad understanding of Business Informatics research, and intends to further its many different facets, theoretical foundations and experiential body of knowledge. In doing so, the CBI series has proven to be a fertile ground for research with high impact, and a hub for multidisciplinary research with contributions from Management Science, Organization Science, Economics, Information Systems, Computer Science, and Informatics.

In his talk entitled “Business Information Systems in the Quantum Era”, Ricardo delves into how current and future information systems will need to be modernized to integrate and operate in conjunction with quantum software, all from a quantum software engineering perspective that will help produce quantum-classical software at appropriate quality levels.

The aQuantum Team congratulates Ricardo for his participation in this international conference and, in this way, contributing to the dissemination of the importance of Quantum Software Engineering and Programming.