aQuantum has joined the Committee for Quantum Technologies (CTN71 / SC14) of UNE, with which it will collaborate nationally and internationally in standardization initiatives in Quantum Technologies.

This Technical Committee for Standardization (CTN in Spanish) works in the field of standardization in the area of Quantum Technologies, covering aspects such as:

    • Terminology and vocabulary
    • Quantum architecture
    • Quantum Application (Quantum Communication, Quantum Computing, Quantum Simulation, Sensing/Quantum Metrology)
    • Quantum algorithm
    • Quantum Internet (Platforms and systems)
    • Use cases

For aQuantum, it is an honor, a responsibility and a pleasure to be part of the Committee “Quantum Technologies” of UNE and in this way to collaborate in the important and essential task of normalizing the many aspects of the different activities carried out in the fields of quantum computing.