Our colleague Giovanna Gómez Díaz, member of the aQuantum, has been included in this list of 52 Wonder Women Working In Industry As Quantum Scientists & Engineers.

As recently published James Dargan in The Quantum Daily (TQD), “TQD has come up with a list of 52 women working as engineers or in positions requiring technical competence in quantum computing (QC) startups. The list, as usual, is non -exhaustive – it’s just a general map of what it’s like out there, a rough compass to how women are changing the QC landscape”.

The list, which of course it does not include all the women who work in QC in the world (not the objective), it does include an interesting sample of women who work and represent the wide spectrum of companies dedicated to QC in the world : small and medium startups, medium and Big Companies.

The aQuantum Team is proud that Giovanna is on this list and congratulates her on it. We are sure that in future lists of this type Giovanna will be part of a team of aQuantum women.

You can know the detail of the list published in TQD here.