Mario Piattini, Alarcos Research Group leader and aQuantum CRO, gives the seminar “Software Engineering for Quantum Computing: Challenges and Opportunities” for SISTEDES, the Spanish Scientific Society of Software Engineering and Software Development Technologies.

If we consider the 19th century as the machine age, and the 20th century the information age, the 21st century will be the quantum age. In fact, since the “second quantum revolution” began in the eighties until today, various algorithms and quantum computers based on different technologies have been proposed, which have managed to demonstrate their great advantage over “classical” computers. There are already numerous programming languages, development environments (and platforms . However, it is not enough, it is necessary to go one step further and be aware of the need for a true “Quantum Software Engineering”, in order to produce quantum software with adequate quality and productivity. To this end we promote the “Talavera Manifesto for Quantum Software Engineering and Programming”. The conference presented the challenges and opportunities that quantum software must address in this regard.

In his presentation Mario exposes, through an excellent tour of the aspects listed below, the current challenges and opportunities of Software Engineering for Quantum Computing:

  • Industrial revolutions
  • Basic quantum concepts
  • Quantum computers
  • Quantum software
  • Quantum Software Engineering

If you are interested in Quantum Software Engineering and Programming, don’t miss the opportunity to see Mario’s presentation in the recording of this Seminar here: