Mario Piattini, Alarcos Research Group leader and aQuantum CRO, gave on 6th May 2022 the seminar “Practical Quantum Computing: Challenges of Quantum Software Development” at the Department of Informatics  of the Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio de Janeiro (PUC-Rio), PUC-Rio is already an Academic and Research Partner of the aQuantum Partner Network (aQNetwork).

If his presentation Mario exposes, through an excellent tour of different topics: Industrial revolutions, Basic quantum concepts, Quantum computers, Quantum software and Quantum Software Engineering; the experience aQuantum has accumulated in these years dedicated to research and development projects such as  “QHealth: Quantum pharmacogenomics applied to aging.

In addition, a part of the seminar was dedicated to deepening in different Challenges of Quantum Software Development, posed by practical quantum computing in industry real cases, as when developing and using tools such as QuantumPath® (a Quantum Software Development and Lifecycle Application Platform).

If you are interested in Quantum Software Engineering and Programming, don’t miss the opportunity to see Mario’s presentation in the recording of this Seminar here: