by Guido Peterssen, Mario Piattini and José Luis Hevia.

The history of aQuantum´s origin and evolution is closely tied to research and development in the field of quantum software. From 2018 to date, aQuantum’s heartbeat has kept pace with research and development in Quantum Software Engineering and Programming. Through research and development, aQuantum has succeeded in creating, accumulating, applying and transferring knowledge, deep and highly specialized expertise in quantum software engineering and development and, based on this, creating a world-class proprietary portfolio of real-world quantum software methods, tools, solutions and services.

As for any other company in the emerging quantum industry, scientific and applied research is vital for aQuantum to achieve the technological solvency necessary to be  creative and competitive enough in this highly complex scientific and technical activity to stay in the quantum race. In the search for and creation of solutions and tools to bring the quantum advantage to the real world, due to the high degree of disruption of quantum computing, it is not enough to research and dedicate enormous resources to this activity, if we want to advance at a reasonable pace, it is essential to research in close collaboration with other institutions and companies.

The first strategic decision of aQuantum was to define its fundamental objective as being a leading company in the field of Quantum Software Engineering applied to the creation of methods, tools, solutions and services for quantum software development. This decision has served as a guide to define the lines of research that would make possible the fulfillment of this foundational objective, which have undoubtedly evolved over the years of accumulated work. Therefore, aQuantum is currently working on these R&D lines:

  • Hybrid Classical-Quantum Computing
  • Quantum algorithms
  • Software Quality
  • Quantum Software Workforce
  • Governance and Management
  • Green Quantum Algorithms & Software
  • AI & Machine Learning
  • Development Tools
  • Quantum Cybersecurity
  • Hybrid Infrastructure

aQuantum’s second strategic decision in R&D was, being aware of the chronic shortage of quantum workforce, to standardize the knowledge acquired in its R&D activities in order to efficiently transfer it to new team members, and also to translate it into its products and services to facilitate the adoption of quantum software development.

The third strategic decision of aQuantum in R&D was, taking into account the previous two, that in order to successfully coordinate its R&D lines, it was strategic to approach the complex processes of quantum software R%D together with highly specialized researchers in different areas of knowledge, in projects closely linked to aQuantum’s R&D lines. Unlike what usually happens in other industries, in quantum computing R&D it is essential to learn to share, to be generous with partners and to be open to multiple and curious forms of collaboration. This resulted, among others, to the first collaboration agreements, the aQNetwork, the large-scale project “QHealth: Quantum pharmacogenomics applied to ageing“, etc.

As part of the third strategic decision is the creation of the aQuantum Labs, designed to accelerate the results of its R&D lines by focusing on experimentation with innovative ideas in specific areas of great importance for the application of quantum software, proof of concept and implementation of solutions in collaboration with leading research groups and institutions, all of which considerably enriches the knowledge of the participants, while accelerating the results of aQuantum’s own lines of research. Through the aQuantum Labs, collaborations are put into practice through specific R&D projects of mutual interest to the parties involved:

  • Software Engineering and Programming
    • Project: Joint Research Unit on Quantum Software Engineering and Development (QSED)
  • Software applied to Life Sciences
    • Project: Joint Research Unit on Quantum Software Applied to Life Sciences (UMIQ)
  • Artificial Intelligence
    • Project: Joint Research Unit on Quantum Artificial Intelligence (AQAI)
  • Security and Cryptography
    • Project: Quantum Software Applied to Cybersecurity (QSAC)
  • Sustainable Software
    • Project: Green Quantum Algorithms & Software (GQAS)
  • Industry-Ready Software
    • Project: Quantum Software Applied to Industry (QSAI)

The aQuantum Labs are not only a critical piece of aQuantum’s R&D strategy, but also to achieve other important goals of practical  adoption of quantum computing such as: contributing to quantum literacy through collaboration, creating technologies and solutions that facilitate the development of quantum software, and accelerating the development of industry-ready quantum software solutions.

Learn more about aQuantum Labs here.