QPath® is a platform that in a practical way contributes to a faster incorporation of the specialized workforce to the deficient labor market of quantum developers, thanks to the facilities it offers them to develop quality quantum algorithms and APPs. This is not only possible because QPath® is a platform for the development and life cycle of quantum software applications, but also because, thanks to its visual interfaces and its truly agnostic architecture, it has been designed to simplify the work of. quantum software software developers and, through its activity in project life cycles, actively contribute to ongoing global quantum literacy in a direct and effective way.

With the aim of making it easier for developers to adopt QPath®, aQuantum has designed a specific online support service: aQuantum Knowledge.

Registered QPath® users will have free access to the aQuantum Knowledge portal, through which they can access specific information about QPath:

  • Contents
  • Materials
  • Glossary
  • Knowledge base
  • Technical support
  • User forums
  • and more options that will be progressively released

QPath® is the right platform for institutions, companies and professionals to start and accelerate the adoption of the development of quality quantum algorithms and APPs for the real world, because QPath® assists its users in the development of quantum software, frees them from having to know how to manage different quantum technological environments, to learn and program with different programming languages ​​and also to have to form, from the beginning, polymath teams with a wide profile of roles.

aQuantum Knowledge, an online support center designed for QPath® developers.