The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), sponsor of the event, has invited Gloria Durán Arroyo, aQuantum QHealth BDM, and Guido Peterssen Nodarse, aQuantum COO, to make a presentation about “Telemedicine, cybersecurity and the quantum threat in Health” at the extraordinary meeting of the Association of Private Hospitals of Central America, Panama and Dominican Republic (AHPCA), to be held on April 28 in Panama City.

In her presentation Gloria will treat about Telemedicine, paying special attention to the paradigm shift of the patient care model accelerated by the effects of the covid epidemic and the digitalization in health care; the impact of tools such as telemedicine with systems that not only support the interaction by videoconference between doctor and patient or between health professionals, but also tools to support diagnosis or prescription through artificial intelligence; the follow-up and monitoring of patients, especially chronic patients, who benefit from the use of these digital resources by receiving therapeutic corrections and new indications at home on a continuous basis to improve their state of health without impacting on the frequentation of health facilities and what this means in the use of health resources; …

In the section on cybersecurity and the quantum threat to healthcare systems, Guido will talk about the causes of the quantum threat to the security of information systems and its impact on healthcare systems, the chronology of the quantum threat, how to approach the transition to robust quantum security, quantum/classical secure software for healthcare, the resources available on the web to become aware of the looming danger and some reflections on how to be ready to resist the quantum threat to healthcare systems.

The aQuantum Team congratulates Gloria and Guido for their contribution to spreading the importance of the feasibility of starting to work on the research, development and deployment of hybrid quantum/classical software solutions for Healthcare.

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