aQNetwork (aQuantum Partner Network) is the network of institutions and companies that collaborate with aQuantum to advance the adoption of best practices in Quantum Software Engineering and Programming through collaboration with aQuantum in quantum R&D activities, development and implementation of practical quantum software products and services, training and skills development of the quantum software workforce, the dissemination of quantum knowledge through courses, conferences, documents, events; and the development of quality quantum software, all in accordance with the principles of Talavera Manifesto for Quantum Software Engineering and Programming.

The network is organized, according to the type of fundamental activity carried out by the Partners, into three types:

  • Research Partner
  • Academic Partner
  • Solution Partner

aQuantum Research Partners are institutions and companies of scientific excellence that have the knowledge and tools necessary to collaborate with aQuantum in research and development in the field of Quantum Software Engineering and Programming around quantum R&D activities of aQuantum. Research Partners are called to play a relevant role in the scientific advancement and diffusion of Quantum Software Engineering and Programming.

aQuantum Academic Partners are institutions and companies of educational excellence that carry out their activity in training, both University and ICT Training, which provide training in Quantum Software Engineering and  Programming according to the programs defined for these courses by aQuantum, for which they receive support, training and qualification from the technical experts of aQuantum regarding quantum activities related to training, curriculum development, training, documents, etc., for teaching purposes of aQuantum. The Academic Partners, through their activities, make a remarkable contribution to the much-needed quantum literacy of software engineers and programmers.

aQuantum Solution Partners are companies that develop practical software solutions, integrable with the aQuantum technological ecosystem, for which they can access aQuantum technical, documentary and training resources, essential for developing and executing their quantum development projects, in addition to being able receive different forms of support for their quantum growth. The Solution Partners, with their practical solutions, will contribute decisively to the consolidation of the real quantum software market, essential for the growth of applied quantum computing.

aQNetwork shows the importance of collaborating to grow in a technological environment as complex as Quantum Software Engineering and Programming and, in doing so, the strength and potential it brings to the community of actors in the new quantum industry.

The current partners of aQNetwork:

aQNetwork is an open network in which all partners are institutions and companies that accept and sign Talavera Manifesto, and work on one or more R&D projects within the scope of aQuantum’s research and development lines on Quantum Software Engineering and Programming.