Mario Piattini, aQuantum CRO, gave the keynote lecture “Quantum Software Engineering: Challenges and Opportunities” at the XI Cloud Computing, Big Data & Emerging Topics Conference (JCC-BD&ET), an annual meeting for the exchange of ideas, projects, scientific results and concrete applications in different areas related to Cloud Computing, Data Intelligence, Big Data and Emerging Technologies.

The Conference integrates scientific papers with experiences of developments and applications, promoting interaction between academia and the productive/industrial sectors, and it is organised by the Instituto de Investigación en Informática LIDI (III-LIDI) and the Postgraduate Secretariat of the Faculty of Informatics of the UNLP in collaboration with Universities in Argentina and abroad. They have different sponsorships from Argentinean Science and Technology organisms and representative sectors of the Argentinean Software industry.

A part of the keynote lecture was dedicated to deepening in different Challenges of Quantum Software Development, posed by practical quantum computing in industry real cases, as when developing and using tools such as QuantumPath® (a Quantum Software Development and Lifecycle Application Platform).

The aQuantum Team congratulates Mario for the contribution to the dissemination of Quantum Software Engineering.

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