aQuantum has had a considerable presence in the 1st International Workshop on Quantum Programming for Software Engineering (QP4SE´22), a track of the ESEC/FSE 2022 conference held in Singapore November 14th-18th.

On the one hand,  Mario Piattini, aQuantum CRO, was the keynote speaker with a talk about “Quantum Software Engineering & Programming”, in which he gave an overview of the state of the art and practice in this area and the activities carried out by aQuantum.

On the other hand, Antonio García de la Barrera Amo, Manuel A. Serrano, Ignacio García, Macario Polo and Mario Piattini members of aQuantum have presented the communication “Automatic generation of test circuits for the verification of quantum deterministic algorithms”.  This research work proposes some ideas about quantum software automated testing, following the principles of the Talavera Manifesto.

The aQuantum Team congratulates Antonio, Manuel, Ignacio, Macario and Mario for their contribution to the dissemination of Quantum Computing.

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