One of the critical factors for the success of quantum computing is to solve the increasing need of a well-prepared quantum workforce. If we think about the future of the quantum industry, we must necessarily address the underlying problem: make profound changes in educational programs from school to university levels, which end up impregnating quantum culture in society that recognizes the need to train “native” specialists in the different disciplines of quantum technologies.

At aQuantum we are not only aware of this situation, but we are very sensitive and proactive in this regard, which is why we have been contributing for years, through different actions and channels, to the continuous task of disseminating knowledge about quantum computing. For this reason, we did not miss the wonderful opportunity that professor Marcela Genero from the Escuela Superior de Informática of the University of Castilla-La Mancha offered us, by proposing to hold a session on quantum software for their university students in the Spring 2023 Lectures at UCLM.

Guido Peterssen, COO of aQuantum, designed a thematic agenda, under the title of “Present and future of quantum software”, addressing some relevant aspects of quantum software:

  • the new paradigm of quantum computing and the degrees of maturity of its adoption
  • quantum illiteracy, some practical ways to overcome it and the quantum labor market
  • the most determining factors for developing quantum software (quantum computers and simulators, quantum programming languages, quantum software development kits, development platforms, etc.)
  • the importance of the application of Software Engineering best practices for professional quantum software development
  • the coexistence of classical IT with quantum IT
  • development of hybrid quantum/classical software systems
  • quantum software applications
  • the impact of quantum technology on the business of software development.

Guido’s lecture invites to reflect about today’s emerging quantum job market, which offers unusual opportunities for future engineers and programmers who accept to face the scientific, technological and technical challenges implicit in quantum software design and development.

From aQuantum we thank  for this enriching opportunity to collaborate in the dissemination of quantum software at universities.

Recording and photos of the lecture: Present and Future of Quantum Software.