Within the framework of the quantum literacy activities that we carry out at aQuantum, one of the activities to which we pay special attention is the dissemination of quantum computing concepts in schools and institutes.

Our aQuantum colleague, Ignacio García Rodríguez de Guzmán, Professor of the Escuela Superior de Informática of UCLM and aQuantum Senior Researcher, has given a talk on the basic concepts of Quantum Computing to students and teachers of the I.E.S. Torreón del Alcázar (Ciudad Real), organised by its Department of Electricity and Electronics.

The talk was given to Vocational Training and Baccalaureate students, and gave rise to an interesting exchange of doubts and ideas among all attendees, revealing once again that Quantum Computing is a topic of interest to all areas of society, and on which it is essential to continue making educational and dissemination efforts. During the talk, there was an opportunity to discuss the concepts of quantum computing, quantum computers, quantum software, as well as their role in current technology based on their state of maturity and the relevance of quantum software in how society can maximise its benefit from this new computational paradigm.

At aQuantum we are actively working to contribute to quantum literacy, which is essential for the creation of a sustainable quantum labor market.

From aQuantum we thank I.E.S. Torreón del Alcázar for this enriching opportunity to collaborate in the dissemination of quantum computing in the field of high school.