aQuantum Software Engineering, specialized in research, development, consulting, and services in the fields of Quantum Software Engineering and Programming, announces a limited release of QuantumPathTM (QPath), the first Quantum Software Development and Lifecycle Application Platform, which supports the entire creation cycle of quantum software projects, from the creation of the quantum algorithm through its development, testing and implementation, to its deployment and reuse.

This limited release of QPathTM is aimed at a group of users who will be selected based on their request for use and their experience in the development of quantum apps and algorithms working on advanced practical problem solving. The call for the selection of users will be open during this May.

QPathTM is an ecosystem of tools, services and processes that simplify the development of quantum algorithms into hybrid information systems that:

  • Helps designing the quantum algorithms and organize them into solutions under a user-friendly repository.
  • Supports the execution of quantum process units transparently of the environment in which they are executed.
  • Accelerates the construction and deployment of quantum applications, abstracting their technical complexities.
  • Supports multidisciplinary teams, allowing them to focus on the functionality needed by the solution.

QPathTM offers quantum development teams a wide range of capabilities to maximize productivity from minute zero:

  • ALM (Application Lifecycle Management)
  • Agnostic approach to quantum technology
  • Hybrid platform that, thanks to its qSOATM technology, facilitates the integration of classic software with quantum apps and algorithms
  • Apps to develop high-quality quantum algorithms & software, which support the adoption of Software Engineering and Programming best practices.
  • Secure, extensible, high-performance, scalable technology, the better secures investments in the development of quantum software applications
  • RAD platform that accelerates practical quantum software development by abstracting away its technical complications

QPathTM work with different quantum technologies such as those from IBM, Microsoft, Rigetti, D-Wave, Google, Fujitsu, and other vendors, as well as third-party quantum computing simulators like QuTech, CTIC, etc.

With QPathTM you can develop the widest range of possible applications (Chemistry, Economics, Financial services, Energy and agriculture, Medicine and health, Privacy and cryptography, Logistics, Defense and national security, …) facilitating, thanks to its technological design, real integration of classical software with the quantum world.

Put the focus on the knowledge and let the details to the platform: assets management, design tools, metalanguages, compilers, transpilers, scalable execution units on demand, unified results, integration adapters, quantum services catalog, … All the ALM stack oriented to facilitate to the maximum the creation of quantum software solutions.

Start your path to quantum software development connected to real-world systems.

Develop with QPathTM, the first quantum development platform for the hybrid solutions ecosystem.

Learn more about QPathTM and request access to the limited version here