The fundamental objective of the agreement between Alhambra IT and AQCLab is to channel the collaboration between both companies in the Quantum Software Quality, one of aQuantum’s R&D strategic lines in the field of research and development in Quantum Software Engineering and Programming. With the signing of the Agreement,  AQCLab becomes a “Research Partner” of aQuantum.

AQCLab is the first accredited laboratory worldwide for software product and data quality evaluation conforming to the ISO/IEC 25000 standard. It covers multiples areas such as maintainability and functional suitability evaluation, software process quality, software quality organization and outsourcing, data quality improvement, and valuation of software assets.

This partnership will improve the evolution of the research of both organizations in the disruptive field of Quantum Software Engineering and Programming, which always benefits from a greater number of professionals, their ideas and points of view. Furthermore, this specific line of research, Quantum Software Quality, is one of the commitments of the Talavera Manifesto, thanks to which aQuantum will be able to collaborate more in the advancement of this principle.

We are eager to see the results of this collaboration and the different advances that can be achieved within the scope of Quantum Computing and programming.