As part of the  celebration of the 30th Anniversary of Alhambra IT, the Alarcos Group of the UCLM received the R&D Award in Quantum Software Research.

The award was presented by Mrs. Elena Liria, CEO of Madrid Digital, who in her delivery speech highlighted the importance of R&D for the development of computer technologies in general and the particular importance that this activity acquires  in the field of quantum computing, highlighting in particular that Alhambra IT awards this award “for being a national and international reference in the definition of design methods and techniques for the development of quality quantum software, achieving great innovations in the quantum world, the R&D Award in Quantum Software Research goes to the Alarcos Research Group belonging to the Institute of Information Technologies and Systems of the University of Castilla La Mancha.

The award was collected by Ignacio García Rodríguez de Guzmán, Senior Researcher at Grupo Alarcos, PhD in Computer Engineering and Professor at the University of Castilla-La Mancha, who in his words of gratitude upon receiving the award highlighted that “first of all, to express on behalf of the Alarcos Research Group our most sincere thanks to Alhambra IT for trusting our research group for more than 20 years in different computer science projects, and to emphasize that this is the result of teamwork in which, in addition to the Alarcos Group itself, we have been fortunate to have colleagues from aQuantum. Although these have been years with moments of uncertainty (actual “quantum years”), we firmly believe that this is the time to contribute to Quantum Software Engineering. We hope to continue on this line, which like all those we develop in the Alarcos Group have a purpose, to contribute to the improvement of the quality of software and everything that surrounds it, serving as an ultimate goal to the improvement of society”.

At the award ceremony, Alhambra IT also thanked the Alarcos Group for its good work and its trust in us as a traveling companion to face its next technological challenges.

Congratulations to the Alarcos Group for this recognition of its excellent research work and also for the magnificent work carried out in the practical University-Business  link in the field of Quantum Software Engineering and programming!